When our kids were tiny, my wife and I would quiz them by asking,

“What’s the most important thing in life?”

They would enthusiastically answer as they were taught, “Knowing God!”

The goal and focus of this website is simply the same.

May you find encouragement and inspiration to help you grow in your relationship with God, to know His greatness as you discover His mind and His heart for you.

Latest from the Blog

It’s Friday…Be a Taste of Heaven

It’s a vicious world, isn’t it? Gossip abounds, deception is rampant, and faithfulness is hard to find. People stab each other in the back, sometimes, even literally. Relationships are often based on fragile conditions that eventually undo them. Truth is treated as a relative concept and integrity is a rarity. We see pockets of commitment…

It’s Friday…When We Least Expect Him, Expect Him

God is a God who loves surprises. For years, Israel had heard the stories, like God bringing His people out of Egypt, guiding them to the land of promise, pruning the nation through the kings and prophets, disciplining them for rebellion, and lavishing upon them promises of restoration in the last days. And those promises…

It’s Friday…We Have Nothing To Fear

We are eternal beings. Yes, our lives are grounded in eternity. That realization made the early followers of Jesus bold and adventurous. It kept them from cowering in the hands of the Romans and the mouths of lions. It kept them from running from Pharisaical zealots and savage stonings. It motivated Paul, after having been…

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