When our kids were tiny, my wife and I would quiz them by asking,

“What’s the most important thing in life?”

They would enthusiastically answer as they were taught, “Knowing God!”

The goal and focus of this website is simply the same.

May you find encouragement and inspiration to help you grow in your relationship with God, to know His greatness as you discover His mind and His heart for you.

Latest from the Blog

It’s Friday…It’s Alright To Be Blunt

“Tolerance” has become the mantra of our culture. Confrontation is not an admired trait in our society. It is often necessary, but it is rarely aspired to in a redeeming manner. The woke world prefers to live and let live, not to rock the boat, to avoid conflict whenever possible. We who have been cultivated…

It’s Friday…There Is An Enormous Difference

In the arena of ideas, followers of Jesus are too often passive listeners. Our society consistently lifts up the sciences as factual and only humors faithful believers of The Creator as opinionated. But God has called us into the courtroom of this world, no matter where we find ourselves in it, to give a living…

It’s Friday…Run Like You Know Where You Are Going

Do you know with certainty where you’re going? How you’ll get there? And what will you find when you arrive? Or are you just guessing? Secular society is an aimless endeavor. Few people perceive that, but it’s true. Though secular-minded people set their goals of economic prosperity, political power, social status, cultural influence, and more,…

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