When our kids were tiny, my wife and I would quiz them by asking,

“What’s the most important thing in life?”

They would enthusiastically answer as they were taught, “Knowing God!”

The goal and focus of this website is simply the same.

May you find encouragement and inspiration to help you grow in your relationship with God, to know His greatness as you discover His mind and His heart for you.

Latest from the Blog

It’s Friday…Who Do I Love Most?

We are proactive to avoid many unpleasant things in life. But the desire to avoid persecution is one of the most natural and understandable desires we have. We can be thankful that we don’t live under the emperor Nero, who enjoyed tormenting the followers of Jesus. Yet, even in our culture, we do often feel…

It’s Friday…We Have A Choice

We are all in a pursuit of something. We all make choices based upon what we pursue. Romanus was a fourth-century Christian who was willingly tortured for his faith. Brutally beaten, hung naked from a tree, and gouged by iron hooks, he still confessed the honor and glory of Jesus. He declared that a young…

It’s Friday…Be Prepared For People To Notice

How you do desire to be viewed by people around you? The early followers of Jesus who were in awe of God were highly regarded by others. It’s true, during that time the average person on the street, had nothing to lose and everything to gain by the great move of God as He worked…

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