It’s Friday…He Always Comes Through

It’s Christmas! Christmas is one of the best days of the year to express devotion, and yet devotion is so much easier on other days. Why is that? Perhaps habits are easier to perform on routine days, and Christmas is anything but routine. It’s a celebration. Depending on your household, it may be a noisyContinue reading “It’s Friday…He Always Comes Through”

It’s Friday…Tell Him It’s His

It’s Christmas. The birth of Jesus is a familiar scene, isn’t it? We’ve seen and heard it practically every year in nativity plays, television specials, and our favorite Christmas carols. Wise men – we’re often told, but the Bible doesn’t say how many – came from a great distance to see the new King, andContinue reading “It’s Friday…Tell Him It’s His”

It’s Friday…And It Rocked Our World

It’s Christmas. God came in the flesh. Think of how amazing that is. A Son – a tiny little baby – will be called Everlasting Father. A child will be called Mighty God. On the surface, that’s absurd. Titles of deity and eternal fatherhood are reserved for God Himself, not for babies. “For to usContinue reading “It’s Friday…And It Rocked Our World”

It’s Friday…Let’s Live As Mary

It’s Christmas time. Angels are real, and Mary is an eyewitness. The angel Gabriel spoke to her. She knew the angel’s word pointed to a landmark event, but she couldn’t have comprehended how significant that event would be. The Eternal Word was planted into human flesh to become everything the first Adam was meant toContinue reading “It’s Friday…Let’s Live As Mary”