It’s Friday…Greater Than We Imagined

It’s Christmas. God came in the flesh. Which means Jesus had a lineage. The Gospel of Matthew reveals it. His genealogy seems rather long and boring. And even though the lineage of Jesus is extremely special, it still isn’t the highlight of what we read in Scripture. Yes, we know He is traceable to Abraham,Continue reading “It’s Friday…Greater Than We Imagined”

It’s Friday…It’s A Simple Act

Many of us will have much to eat in the coming days. Nearly every time the Gospels mention Jesus eating, they mention that He gives thanks. That was the case when He fed multitudes with only a handful of food to start with, and that was the case at His Last Supper. Knowing He wasContinue reading “It’s Friday…It’s A Simple Act”

It’s Friday…It’s His Golden Opportunity

Strong warriors have been reduced to weak, desperate souls in the battlefield. There comes a time in every human fight when strength is exhausted. That applies to battle weary soldiers as well as to warriors of Christ. Whether the fight is over land or souls, it can be intense. When it is, human weakness showsContinue reading “It’s Friday…It’s His Golden Opportunity”

It’s Friday…Amazing Unlimited Grace!

How do you know God to be? Do you see Him and know Him as unlimited in wisdom, unlimited in power, and unlimited in love? You should because that is who He is. Yet, whenever we try to imagine the greatness of any of His attributes, we fall short. We just can’t picture it. WeContinue reading “It’s Friday…Amazing Unlimited Grace!”

It’s Friday…He Gave Us Eyes For His Glory

In Psalm 71 we read that the Psalmist was in a ‘pickle,’ a crisis really. He needs rescuing. We don’t know the exact ‘hiccup’ he was experiencing, and it really doesn’t matter. What we do know is how he responded. Though he has enemies who conspire against him, he knows where to find help. AndContinue reading “It’s Friday…He Gave Us Eyes For His Glory”

It’s Friday…He Even Has A Plan For That

How do you react when your circumstances are difficult? Do you try to maneuver your way out of them? Do you blame other people? Or worse, do you blame God? It’s a common response that nearly everyone has given in to. Even when we know that blaming Him is wrong and misguided, we still sometimesContinue reading “It’s Friday…He Even Has A Plan For That”

It’s Friday…Does This Look Like My Father?

A trap of the human conscience is to think that God wants us to be loving, gracious, generous, and all those other good things because He wants us to behave ourselves and get along with each other. That would, in fact, be a wonderful by-product of our spiritual maturity, but that isn’t the goal. No,Continue reading “It’s Friday…Does This Look Like My Father?”

It’s Friday…Ever Constant, Utterly Devoted, and Always True

The catastrophic effects and images of Hurricane Ian continue to remind the residents of the beautiful state of Florida, that it came through it, literally. As you know, Ian entered on the west coast of the Florida peninsula and exited on the east coast of the Atlantic, almost directly above my home. It was nerve-wrackingContinue reading “It’s Friday…Ever Constant, Utterly Devoted, and Always True”

It’s Friday…Refuse Discouragement

On this Labor Day weekend, I’m sorry to break the news to you, but God never promised us a life of ease. We had trouble before we gave our lives to Him, and it’s entirely possible that our trouble may increase afterward. The way of The Cross – the way that Jesus told His followersContinue reading “It’s Friday…Refuse Discouragement”

It’s Friday…Think Of The Thrill

Human beings can be ridiculously foolish, even after God has redeemed us. Not a week passes that I don’t see such foolishness in myself and in others. Allow me to illustrate. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, we have available to us the image of the invisible God, The One by whom andContinue reading “It’s Friday…Think Of The Thrill”