It’s Friday…Who Do I Love Most?

We are proactive to avoid many unpleasant things in life. But the desire to avoid persecution is one of the most natural and understandable desires we have. We can be thankful that we don’t live under the emperor Nero, who enjoyed tormenting the followers of Jesus. Yet, even in our culture, we do often feelContinue reading “It’s Friday…Who Do I Love Most?”

It’s Friday…We Have A Choice

We are all in a pursuit of something. We all make choices based upon what we pursue. Romanus was a fourth-century Christian who was willingly tortured for his faith. Brutally beaten, hung naked from a tree, and gouged by iron hooks, he still confessed the honor and glory of Jesus. He declared that a youngContinue reading “It’s Friday…We Have A Choice”

It’s Friday…Be Prepared For People To Notice

How you do desire to be viewed by people around you? The early followers of Jesus who were in awe of God were highly regarded by others. It’s true, during that time the average person on the street, had nothing to lose and everything to gain by the great move of God as He workedContinue reading “It’s Friday…Be Prepared For People To Notice”

It’s Friday…Stop Striving For It

What are your deepest longings? You’ve been waiting for God to restore your kingdom. That’s probably not how you understand your deepest longings, but that’s what they amount to, in a sense. Most people’s longings include desires for fruitful and satisfying work, deep and lasting relationships, peace, and purpose in in their heart, and fulfillmentContinue reading “It’s Friday…Stop Striving For It”

It’s Friday…Endure It Well

Life as a follower of Jesus Christ isn’t easy. Actually, life isn’t easy for anyone. But if we thought that giving our life to The Lord was going to make for smooth sailing, we were wrong. We’ve encountered rough waters, and land is not in sight. We’re in this for the long haul. That’s hardContinue reading “It’s Friday…Endure It Well”

It’s Friday…He Is On Our Side

This has been a week of love. We’re able to love because God first loved us. Love originated in the heart of God. The New Testament reveals this truth. The Apostle Paul and other new believers must have spent hours upon hours and even years upon years contemplating the heart of God. They knew, asContinue reading “It’s Friday…He Is On Our Side”

It’s Friday…Be a Taste of Heaven

It’s a vicious world, isn’t it? Gossip abounds, deception is rampant, and faithfulness is hard to find. People stab each other in the back, sometimes, even literally. Relationships are often based on fragile conditions that eventually undo them. Truth is treated as a relative concept and integrity is a rarity. We see pockets of commitmentContinue reading “It’s Friday…Be a Taste of Heaven”

It’s Friday…When We Least Expect Him, Expect Him

God is a God who loves surprises. For years, Israel had heard the stories, like God bringing His people out of Egypt, guiding them to the land of promise, pruning the nation through the kings and prophets, disciplining them for rebellion, and lavishing upon them promises of restoration in the last days. And those promisesContinue reading “It’s Friday…When We Least Expect Him, Expect Him”

It’s Friday…We Have Nothing To Fear

We are eternal beings. Yes, our lives are grounded in eternity. That realization made the early followers of Jesus bold and adventurous. It kept them from cowering in the hands of the Romans and the mouths of lions. It kept them from running from Pharisaical zealots and savage stonings. It motivated Paul, after having beenContinue reading “It’s Friday…We Have Nothing To Fear”

It’s Friday…And Don’t Worry About It

It’s a New Year. We all begin it with high hopes and do our best to keep anxiety at bay. Yet, we’re all anxious by nature, frequently wondering how things will turn out for us. We know bad things happen to all kinds of people, and it’s only natural for us to worry that theyContinue reading “It’s Friday…And Don’t Worry About It”