It’s Friday…It’s Alright To Be Blunt

“Tolerance” has become the mantra of our culture. Confrontation is not an admired trait in our society. It is often necessary, but it is rarely aspired to in a redeeming manner. The woke world prefers to live and let live, not to rock the boat, to avoid conflict whenever possible. We who have been cultivatedContinue reading “It’s Friday…It’s Alright To Be Blunt”

It’s Friday…There Is An Enormous Difference

In the arena of ideas, followers of Jesus are too often passive listeners. Our society consistently lifts up the sciences as factual and only humors faithful believers of The Creator as opinionated. But God has called us into the courtroom of this world, no matter where we find ourselves in it, to give a livingContinue reading “It’s Friday…There Is An Enormous Difference”

It’s Friday…Run Like You Know Where You Are Going

Do you know with certainty where you’re going? How you’ll get there? And what will you find when you arrive? Or are you just guessing? Secular society is an aimless endeavor. Few people perceive that, but it’s true. Though secular-minded people set their goals of economic prosperity, political power, social status, cultural influence, and more,Continue reading “It’s Friday…Run Like You Know Where You Are Going”

It’s Friday…Feelings Can Lie

It appears that things are changing at an unsustainable pace. Foundational values we thought were immovable, are shifting. The good news is, God never changes. That’s bad news for those who want to make up their own rules in life. Yet, in all other respects, it’s comforting. When God speaks of His favor, His love,Continue reading “It’s Friday…Feelings Can Lie”

It’s Friday… Don’t Fear Failure

Baseball season is here. I’m a huge fan. Most of the players in MLB dreamed of playing in the big leagues. All through their high school years, they trained for hours a day. They maintained a strict diet, a rigid exercise program, and top-of-the-line equipment. They watched countless games and took every opportunity to speakContinue reading “It’s Friday… Don’t Fear Failure”

It’s Friday…It Cannot Be Undone

Fulfillment. Everyone wants it, no one claims to have arrived at it. The desire for it is written deep within our hearts, and it drives all the impulses in our lives. Underlying all that we do, all the decisions we make, is the craving to be wholly fulfilled – fully satisfied and at peace. WeContinue reading “It’s Friday…It Cannot Be Undone”

It’s Friday…Be A Witness

Our world is dying. Many of its citizens know that; others live under wild illusions. Philosophers of ages past, for all their hopelessness, at least got one thing right: If God isn’t real, life is pointless. You live and you die. And no one, in the long run, remembers. That’s the hopelessness that shapes aContinue reading “It’s Friday…Be A Witness”

It’s Friday..Let It Define You

The Resurrection. The Jews were split on the issue. Some believed that God would one day resurrect human beings, others did not. The Greeks believed in the immortality of the soul, but certainly not in a physical resurrection. For everyone, however, the issue was a mysterious, one-day-we’ll-understand issue. No one – absolutely no one –Continue reading “It’s Friday..Let It Define You”

It’s Friday…Appearances Are Deceiving

We are hours away from recalling the passionate week of Christ. The days and hours before His crucifixion and resurrection are still noteworthy by His followers globally. Yet, skeptics throughout history have considered Christianity rooted in insanity. Perhaps they don’t say it quite like that, but human nature has very little interest in a faithContinue reading “It’s Friday…Appearances Are Deceiving”

It’s Friday…Who Do I Love Most?

We are proactive to avoid many unpleasant things in life. But the desire to avoid persecution is one of the most natural and understandable desires we have. We can be thankful that we don’t live under the emperor Nero, who enjoyed tormenting the followers of Jesus. Yet, even in our culture, we do often feelContinue reading “It’s Friday…Who Do I Love Most?”