It’s Friday…Cling To It

It’s a New Year. Many look into the future and fear. They fear of catastrophe, heartache, trouble, and distress. They are afraid of crisis in their finances, their families, and whatever else makes them feel insecure. The problem is that they don’t know the future, and they imagine all the bad things that can happenContinue reading “It’s Friday…Cling To It”

It’s Friday…An Unstoppable Force

Christmas has come and gone. So has another year. A new one has arrived. How does God feel about the potential of a new start? The same as He does about an everlasting, ever-increasing government, as in His Kingdom, based on righteousness, truth, and justice. Yes, apparently, He gets pretty excited about that. “The zealContinue reading “It’s Friday…An Unstoppable Force”

It’s Friday…Learn To Envision Big

Christmas has arrived! Isn’t it true, as adults we have an easier time waiting for it than when we were kids? Yet, we must admit, as adults we don’t like waiting for much of anything else. Just ask this question at your Christmas gathering, “Does anyone here like to wait?” Nobody does. In Luke 2Continue reading “It’s Friday…Learn To Envision Big”

It’s Friday…His Favor Is Here

It’s Christmas! There are so many announcements that remind us of the season. The greatest news is, that Jesus is here. He is King! The King’s advent into this world may be traumatic for some – it certainly requires a response from all – but it’s the best thing that could possibly happen for theContinue reading “It’s Friday…His Favor Is Here”

It’s Friday…Look For His Answer, and Join In

It’s Christmas! We have big plans, don’t we? Sometimes we come to God with a plan. We have an agenda. We want the dream in our heart to be fulfilled, so we ask Him if He will endorse it and bring it to pass. We petition Him for something that, as far as we know,Continue reading “It’s Friday…Look For His Answer, and Join In”

It’s Friday…It Will Be Accomplished!

Christmas is here! Surprise, surprise. Mary was. Remember the conversation she had with the angel Gabriel about how she was chosen to bear God’s Son? He laid out the detailed promises of God to her. How did Mary respond, do you recall? Mary doesn’t ask how she can know if it’s true. She simply asksContinue reading “It’s Friday…It Will Be Accomplished!”

It’s Friday…Anywhere And At Anytime

Thanksgiving Day festivities are just around the corner. Do you ever ask why do created beings give thanks to God and worship Him? Not because He is needy for affirmation, and so He surrounded Himself with sycophants. Not because His ego requires constant stroking. Not because it’s commanded and we therefore must comply. No, GodContinue reading “It’s Friday…Anywhere And At Anytime”

It’s Friday…Experience Heaven’s Fruit

The season of giving and receiving is upon us. It seems like “Black Friday” is coming earlier and earlier with each passing year. And have you noticed that most people, even those without a solid faith foundation, have little trouble asking God for things? As human beings we are wired to receive, huh? But givingContinue reading “It’s Friday…Experience Heaven’s Fruit”

It’s Friday…Even So, Choose Hope!

I woke up this morning and I immediately began to process and analyze this question: Which of the following virtues do I ponder most on, faith, hope, or love? I would assume to the average follower of Christ of these three virtues a lot of emphasis is given to faith and love, but much lessContinue reading “It’s Friday…Even So, Choose Hope!”