It’s Friday…Flip The Switch

I was vacuuming out my car the other day and I began to analyze what this machine was actually doing. My not so scientific mind learned the following: a vacuum cleaner is always pulling, sucking, drawing in whatever it can. Its direction is inward. Other objects like a fan or a leaf blower may blowContinue reading “It’s Friday…Flip The Switch”

It’s Friday…Everything Is Measured Differently

On occasion, people will ask me if I golf. On those occasions I usually answer, “I do golf, but I’m not a golfer.” Rarely, after people hear my answer will they ask me to golf with them. Those who take the risk to invite me to play a round will soon wonder if I understandContinue reading “It’s Friday…Everything Is Measured Differently”

It’s Friday…We Can Live Carefree

Would you agree, the average person spends too much of their time worrying? And then there’s Jesus; He went to great lengths to get worry and fear out of the hearts of His followers. He was constantly reassuring them that they were more precious than the birds of the air and the flowers of theContinue reading “It’s Friday…We Can Live Carefree”

It’s Friday…Be Profoundly Confident

God leaves a lot to the human will, doesn’t He? Again and again in His Word, He gives us conditions. “If you fully obey The LORD. . . you will experience all these blessings” (Deuteronomy 28:1-2). “If My people. . . will humble themselves and pray. . ., I will hear from heaven and willContinue reading “It’s Friday…Be Profoundly Confident”

It’s Friday…We Cannot Be Defeated

All followers of Jesus Christ have been given a beautiful promise – we overcome the world. “Everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.” (1 John 5:4) But what exactly does that mean? Do we eventually become sinless, even after falling to the sameContinue reading “It’s Friday…We Cannot Be Defeated”

It’s Friday…And Victory Is Absolutely Certain

God, our King, is well acquainted with hardship and warfare. So are we, His people, aren’t we? No matter how zealously we follow God, it seems that everything in life is contested. It’s true, we don’t love Him, worship Him, or serve Him in a vacuum. The world is full of critics, skeptics, and theContinue reading “It’s Friday…And Victory Is Absolutely Certain”

It’s Friday…We Have No Reason To Lament

The picture of life around the globe looks pretty grim, doesn’t it? But that’s not the complete and accurate picture. Yes, life in this world looks fatal. But that’s not the final image because the Bible gives us a picture of Jesus ruling His Kingdom, destroying all opposition, and then handing The Kingdom over toContinue reading “It’s Friday…We Have No Reason To Lament”

It’s Friday…Therefore We Can Laugh. Just Like He Does

There are evil and bad actors disrupting nations around the world right now. And history has been filled with these terrifying forces – from ancient empires like Assyria and Babylon to modern day terrorists and nuclear-armed superpowers and many in between. There have been times when lesser rulers cowered in fear at the news ofContinue reading “It’s Friday…Therefore We Can Laugh. Just Like He Does”

It’s Friday…And It’s Coming

Our world today is in a lot of pain, isn’t it? Do you ever wish we had a reset button to make the trauma around the globe go away? Or restore it and make it into something new? In the New Testament book of Revelation, John the Apostle saw a new heaven and a newContinue reading “It’s Friday…And It’s Coming”

It’s Friday. . .Fulfillment Is Inevitable

The Summer Olympic Games of 2020 have finally come and gone. For many Olympic athletes, they stood on the medal stand and listened to their national anthem. Years of hard work and dedication rewarded with medals and honor. Analysts can point to various reasons why these athletes won – their technique, their physical attributes, theirContinue reading “It’s Friday. . .Fulfillment Is Inevitable”