It’s Friday…Refuse Discouragement

On this Labor Day weekend, I’m sorry to break the news to you, but God never promised us a life of ease. We had trouble before we gave our lives to Him, and it’s entirely possible that our trouble may increase afterward. The way of The Cross – the way that Jesus told His followersContinue reading “It’s Friday…Refuse Discouragement”

It’s Friday…Think Of The Thrill

Human beings can be ridiculously foolish, even after God has redeemed us. Not a week passes that I don’t see such foolishness in myself and in others. Allow me to illustrate. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, we have available to us the image of the invisible God, The One by whom andContinue reading “It’s Friday…Think Of The Thrill”

It’s Friday…Our Lives Are His

We’re all control-freaks. We all in some way want to control our own destiny, our own little utopia. We know we are a part of a whole, but we want to make sure we control our little piece of the pie. We want to be in charge of something, somehow, somewhere. And Christians are notContinue reading “It’s Friday…Our Lives Are His”

It’s Friday…Minute By Minute

How do you measure or monitor your trust in God? Does it vary depending on the difficulty of the season your life is in, or the pending news regarding an uncertain future? How is your trust in Him related to your love for Him? When God tells us to love Him with all of ourContinue reading “It’s Friday…Minute By Minute”

It’s Friday…Ask, Ask, Ask

If a Fortune 500 company trained you to think and act in its interest, and then handed you a pile of signed blank checks, what would you do with them? File them away? No, the temptation to use them for the benefit of the company would be too great. If you are a follower ofContinue reading “It’s Friday…Ask, Ask, Ask”

It’s Friday…We Have to Change

It’s difficult to watch the news these days, isn’t it? The vitriol is off the charts. It’s becoming more and more difficult to discern who is being honest. It seems that the best liars gain the upper hand. Do you ever imagine a culture in which there is no word to describe deception – noContinue reading “It’s Friday…We Have to Change”

It’s Friday…We’ve Been Cut Free

As we celebrate our 246th year of Independence as Americans this weekend, my heart is also rejoicing that as children of God we are set free from the oppression of sin. Israel rejoiced in the fact that despite years of oppression – despite slavery in Egypt, domination by foreign powers, captivities in Assyria and Babylon,Continue reading “It’s Friday…We’ve Been Cut Free”

It’s Friday…We Have An Advantage

“Knowledgeable people are found everywhere, but we are cruelly short of wise people.” Have you found that to be true? In an unwise world, wisdom speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Rarely does anyone do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. Our relativistic culture doesn’t understand why followers of Jesus point toContinue reading “It’s Friday…We Have An Advantage”

It’s Friday…Hear Him Sing

It’s Father’s Day weekend. My father went to be with Jesus six years ago. He loved, loved to sing. That was his happy place. Why not, he was a “chip-off-the-old-block” as they say. He’s now singing his heart out to, and before The One who gave him his voice and passion. Did you know thatContinue reading “It’s Friday…Hear Him Sing”

It’s Friday…Its Hard To See The Big Picture

We aren’t sovereign. As much as we try to control our environment – and we really try hard sometimes, don’t we? – all it takes is one little hiccup to prove to us that we can’t and aren’t in control. So, if our goal is to reflect God’s attributes, and God is sovereign, how canContinue reading “It’s Friday…Its Hard To See The Big Picture”