It’s Friday…Wait For It. Believe In It.

I love witnessing the majesty of a sunrise and a sunset. It would be foolish for me to casually or arrogantly say, “I can do that.” Yet, peruse any media platform today and there’s a pretty good probability that what is driving much of what is produced or promoted on there is ego. Perhaps that’s why God addresses it a lot in Scripture. He has a way of reminding us of our limitations whenever we get too comfortable with our own understanding. And, when things just don’t make sense to us, God reminds us that they don’t have to. We’re not in charge. Really, we’re not. I challenge you, tomorrow morning try controlling, directing when, where, and how the sun will rise. No easy task, huh? You see, our understanding isn’t key to the operation of this creation. We can participate in it without being in control or knowing everything there is to know. In fact, we must. Control and omniscience are not options for us. (I only wish that the leaders in Washington knew this. But I digress).

Why does God so frequently put us in our place? Because He has to. We repeatedly grow out of our dependence on Him and try to manage things on our own. We sometimes ask questions that implicitly accuse Him of being inept or unknowledgeable. Much of the chaos we see in the world is because He has been left out and ignored. Why? Because we like to be in control of our world and master our resources. And God has to remind us that we can’t. That’s His job. Our role is dependence and trust.

That shouldn’t make us feel too bad. Job, whom God Himself declared to be blameless and righteous, had to be reminded as well. He got caught up in thinking his trials were about him – what he had done, or what he could do to get out of it. He didn’t realize that his trials were all about God and the true worth of worship. Job’s questions were presumptuous. Sometimes, so are ours.

“Have you ever given order to the morning, or shown the dawn its place?” (Job 38:12)

Ask yourself the following questions and be honest with yourself in your response: Do I have the tendency to want to control my environment? Do I feel out of control when my situation gets out of hand? At times, we all do, right? Here’s the good news, that isn’t a problem. You and I were never in control anyway, no matter how much we thought we were. God is our Master. He commands the dawn and hold the vastness of His creation in His hand. He has put everything in its place. So, when our circumstances feel out of place, we are to go to Him. Always. Yes, the answer is always there, and we cannot be impatient for it. The wisdom of God is entirely trustworthy. Wait For It. Believe In It.  Let’s rest in the knowledge that He will help us in His perfect timing. He will break into our trial, our circumstance, our life. Let’s not resist Him, but expect His presence and promises like the dawning of the dawn.

Have a pleasant weekend. Make it better by worshiping The Lord with those who enjoy living in dependance on Him and trust His wisdom as their own.

All For Jesus – Nothing More, Nothing Less, Nothing Else.

“He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, The King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light, whom no one has ever seen or can see, to Him be honor and eternal dominion. Amen.” (1 Timothy 6:15b-16)

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