It’s Friday…Think Of The Thrill

Human beings can be ridiculously foolish, even after God has redeemed us. Not a week passes that I don’t see such foolishness in myself and in others. Allow me to illustrate. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, we have available to us the image of the invisible God, The One by whom andContinue reading “It’s Friday…Think Of The Thrill”

It’s Friday…That’s Not God’s Way

The geopolitical landscape appears to be unraveling before us. Insecurities seem to abound these days, don’t they? What is needed in times such as these is a proper perspective and posture, especially in our view of God. The truth is, The Almighty can do impossible things. Just look at the revealed testimonies to His power:Continue reading “It’s Friday…That’s Not God’s Way”

It’s Friday…Jesus Is Ready and Willing To Subdue

This season before Resurrection Sunday is a perfect opportunity to focus our attention on the grace of God – a reality that seems so unreal. Yes, the thought that everything we have ever done and will ever do, is covered by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, seems so unlikely. The world we live in hasContinue reading “It’s Friday…Jesus Is Ready and Willing To Subdue”

It’s Friday…He Stands Ready To Save

This is a great season – the days and weeks leading to Resurrection Sunday – to assess and take a pulse of how well our heart beats for God. As we contemplate all that Christ has accomplished for us by way of the cross and His resurrection, it’s a perfect opportunity to ask ourselves questionsContinue reading “It’s Friday…He Stands Ready To Save”