It’s Friday…We Have No Reason To Lament

The picture of life around the globe looks pretty grim, doesn’t it? But that’s not the complete and accurate picture. Yes, life in this world looks fatal. But that’s not the final image because the Bible gives us a picture of Jesus ruling His Kingdom, destroying all opposition, and then handing The Kingdom over toContinue reading “It’s Friday…We Have No Reason To Lament”

It’s Friday…Therefore We Can Laugh. Just Like He Does

There are evil and bad actors disrupting nations around the world right now. And history has been filled with these terrifying forces – from ancient empires like Assyria and Babylon to modern day terrorists and nuclear-armed superpowers and many in between. There have been times when lesser rulers cowered in fear at the news ofContinue reading “It’s Friday…Therefore We Can Laugh. Just Like He Does”