It’s Friday…This Life Is Not The End Game

God is in control. We’ve all heard it before, probably hundreds of times. We know it doesn’t mean that He handles us like puppets, but we also know it doesn’t mean that this world is a random free-for-all. Somewhere in between those two extremes is an existence that is under the Sovereign Hand of ourContinue reading “It’s Friday…This Life Is Not The End Game”

It’s Friday…Contemplate Eternity

The world is a confusing place, isn’t it? Sometimes the wicked prosper and the righteous don’t. On the surface, that runs contrary to the promises of God, but we can’t afford to look for God on the surface. Eventually, we learn that the prosperity of the wicked and the misfortune of the righteous are temporaryContinue reading “It’s Friday…Contemplate Eternity”

It’s Friday…Eternity Changes Everything

My mother-in-law took her last breath on Earth on Valentine’s Day. Instantaneously, she was in the presence of the Lover of her soul, completely relieved of all the baggage we carry here on Earth. She is now experiencing what we were all ultimately created for, eternal bliss! Her home-going reminded me that there is anContinue reading “It’s Friday…Eternity Changes Everything”