It’s Friday…A Crown Is Promised

The 2020 Olympic Games will finally begin this weekend. As you know, due to Covid-19 they were delayed a year. Every athlete has been planning and preparing for these games to begin (in some cases, a lifetime). Countless hours have been invested by each athlete in the hope to compete for and win a covetedContinue reading “It’s Friday…A Crown Is Promised”

It’s Friday…We’re Waiting For Something

This has been a year (18 months, really) of patient endurance, as I personally have been prayerfully waiting on The LORD to open a door to His promise. He has once again, come through in extraordinary ways. And this season has prompted me to revisit, in these past few days, the life of Caleb (ofContinue reading “It’s Friday…We’re Waiting For Something”

It’s Friday…The Outcome Is Certain

Has God made a promise to you through His Word? Has He placed a calling upon your life that is undeniable yet unfulfilled, or placed on pause-mode? Know this, God is a God of promise. He keeps His Word, even when that seems impossible. God made a promise long ago to Abraham, Jacob, and JosephContinue reading “It’s Friday…The Outcome Is Certain”